Waterproof Boots for Women

Most women have one or two pair of boots in different styles, and they often have a pair of snow boots if they live in a cold area of the world. Those who live in regions where it rains frequently also have rain boots. Both snow boots and rain boots are waterproof. Boots are popular with women, not only keep their feet warm, but also because they look very chic and stylish. Although they lost their popularity for a while, indoor boots have made a big comeback over the past 10 years.

Today’s waterproof boots for women are made in many different styles that are similar to the current style trends in regular shoes. Some have wedge heels, spike heels, or other designs that are purely for fashion, but they still protect the feet from the cold. The interior of the boot may have a special lining that keeps the feet warm, while the outer portion is made of leather, suede, or an imitation of these natural materials. Some companies are known for their unique line of boots that women all over the world love to wear, such as chunky Australian boots made of cozy wool or leather or knee-hi fringe boots that are similar to the moccasins once worn by Native American women.

Waterproof Boots WomenSince spike heels will not get a woman through deep snow, there are more functional types of waterproof boots for women who live in cold areas of the world. These boots typically have flat heels and rugged soles that help keep the woman stable on the ice and snow. The waterproof feature on the outside keeps wetness out so that the toes, feet, and ankles can stay warm. A fuzzy wool lining is often inside these boots, or imitation fur lining can also be found.

Other available waterproof boots for women are similar to the same styles that men wear. Among these are ski boots, work boots, combat boots, cowgirl boots, and hiking boots. Style is important when buying these boots, but not in the fashion sense. The style of the boot should provide comfort and protection. Ski boots are very big and bulky, but they are a necessity to ski properly. Proper fit is imperative because the ankle needs to be supported as the long skis attach to the ski boots.

Today’s women in most parts of the world also need functional boots, not just ones that are stylish. Women who serve as firefighters or in the military wear the same type of boots as men. These may be plain black, bulky boots that are needed to wear in burning buildings to prevent slips or in the desert to protect their feet from heat and injury.

Those who are horseback riders often wear riding boots that are made of black leather and have flat heels. Some riding boots are knee high while others are shorter. They often have thinsulate linings that keep the feet warm without the bulk of imitation fur or fluffy wool.

Women’s boots may slip onto the foot, or they may have zippers or tie. Those that have zippers can zip on the top of the boot or on either side. Heavy-duty zippers with decorative tassels are popular on some styles.

Women’s boots can be found almost anywhere from discount stores to high-end boutiques.  If you just can’t find comparable waterproof model of boot as the most fashionable non-waterproof models than it is possible to waterproof them yourself with a DIY waterproofing kit.

Cheaper boots are made of imitation leather that may be glued together rather than sewn, whereas more expensive boots are almost always sewn. All department stores located in cold areas of the globe have a good variety of waterproof boots for women to choose from. Another great place to shop for waterproof boots is online where there are thousands of boots to choose from.  You’ll find the best selection and prices on woman’s waterproof boots right here at WaterproofBoots.org but feel free to do a little searching to judge for yourself.